Sorry Sun Tzu, Strategy Based on Military History is History

Su Doyle, Revenue-Driven Marketer

Whether defining a new market space, creating new products, or engaging new prospects, good marketing gets attention.  Great marketing drives customer acquisition, loyalty and long-term revenue growth.   

Why I write:  I'm passionate about building businesses.   Incorporating ideas from other functions and industries, and reflecting on what's personally worked (and what hasn't) for me in different situations clarifies my thinking and enriches my work.

Why I'm a revenue-driven marketer:  I've run every function in a high-technology and media company except finance (which could explain why some of my closest friends are CFOs..), Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Content, Operations, Engineering, Services, so I'm always thinking about how to get from concept to revenue, and from getting the first customer to building long-term value. 

What keeps me energized:  By moving from market to market, I keep the learning curve steep (media networks, market research, risk management, regulatory compliance, supply chain management..).  Uncovering what it takes to make a difference, change the competitive landscape, or cause a contrarian ripple of thought, never fails to fascinate me. 

Marketing Adventures:

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Perseus/Websurveyor
  • VP Product Management, VP Marketing, Providus Software Solutions
  • VP Product Management, VP Marketing, Lexign
  • VP AudienceNet, VP Services EngageMedia,  Engage
  • VP & General Manager, AdSmart Network
  • General Manager, Lycos Pittsburgh, Lycos